Caring for your oral health is an investment in your long term overall health.  Smiling Community Dental Hygiene is committed to helping you meet your oral health goals, allowing you to have a healthy confident smile.

Insured and non-insured clients are welcome. 

Fees are based on the Dental Hygiene Services Fee Guide.  Because dental hygiene focuses on individual care, prices will vary on a case to case basis and can range between $120-$175 per visit.  Insurance companies often pay a percentage of the dental fees incurred and clients are expected to pay the difference.  Please bring your insurance information to your first appointment.

Strategies to Increase Accessibility

Low Income Clients
Smiling Community believes in the importance of accessible oral health care. Patients who are low income* are offered a discount of 50% of the fee guide rate for dental hygiene treatment.

*Statistics Canada low income threshold for one individual in a household is $20,366